Wolves At The Door!

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It’s clear now that “trickle down” is actually “vacuum up” and yet working class people continue to vote against their own economic interests. Wake up! Anyone whose primary vocation is “making money” is a predator: they may wrestle around with you for a while but eventually they’re gonna go with their instincts and kill and eat you. – David Bazan

Wolves wait at your door
for your permission
slyly you invite them
on one condition
that they prepare a feast
from your provisions
of root and wild beast
for you to eat
they took your money
and they ate your kids
and they had their way
with your wife a lil bit
while you wept on the porch
with your head in your hands
cursing taxes and the government
cause you’re a goddamn fool
and i love you
yeah i love you
look into your eyes
your former glory
bright and open wide
like easter morning
how the light has dimmed
and how the fear of everything
is creeping in