Toronto, Pontiac, Chicago, Champaign

Well, I left my Macbook charger in Toronto, so tour blogging has gotten significantly more difficult, but I promise to keep at it. The easiest way to catch up is a quick recap with some photos:

Toronto was amazing, the crowd was one of the best yet, Canadian money is really pretty, we had some great thai food, I bought socks and shirts at Honest Ed’s, and Lee’s Palace sounded great. I can’t believe how smoothly the border crossings went – Vancouver will surely be a nightmare, because we got over the border in fifteen minutes, and back to the states in ten. Thanks for being so awesome, Toronto.

Pontiac was uh, it was pretty good. Michigan doesn’t have an indoor smoking ban, which is a bummer, and the staff at the Pike Room / Crofoot (an awesome venue) is not exactly big on hospitality. As Barnhart put it, “it’s a great place to have a terrible show.”

Chicago, as always, was fantastic. Lincoln Hall overtook the Bowery as the most excellent venue of this tour. It was only their fourth show, and the venue is big, pristine, and sounds incredible. The hospitality staff at Lincoln Hall gets a special shout-out for being, without doubt, the most kind, helpful, and accommodating bunch of folks we’ve dealt with this trip. The Schuba’s dudes run this place, so they know a thing or two about putting on a rock show – not exactly a lightweight.

It was nice to be in Champaign and hang out with Bob and Adam, we also got to eat Papa Del’s, my favorite pizza in the world, and watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Now we’re in Chicago at Electrical Audio, and I’m freaking out because some of my most favorite records were made here. I can’t tell you exactly what we’re doing here, but you’ll know soon enough, and you’ll be psyched about it. Here are some pictures Bob took, click on them to make them bigger.