Bazan: Strange Negotiations

David Bazan | Strange Negotiations

Release date: May 24, 2011
Record Label: Barsuk Records
Format: CD / LP / MP3

01. Wolves At The Door
02. Level With Yourself
03. Future Past
04. People
05. Virginia
06. Eating Paper
07. Messes
08. Don’t Change
09. Strange Negotiations
10. Won’t Let Go


Wolves At The Door

wolves wait at your door
for your permission
slyly you invite them
on one condition
that they prepare a feast
from your provisions
of root and wild beast
for you to eat
they took your money
and they ate your kids
and they had their way
with your wife a lil bit
while you wept on the porch
with your head in your hands
cursing taxes and the government
cause you’re a goddamn fool
and i love you
yeah i love you
look into your eyes
your former glory
bright and open wide
like easter morning
how the light has dimmed
and how the fear of everything
is creeping in


Level With Yourself

wake up in the morning
check your revelation
making sure you know it
as well as you can
then sell it to yourself man
cause it won’t make a difference
if everyone believes it
but you don’t believe it
just level with yourself
level with yourself
level with yourself
and be at peace with thee
we’re making a list of all
the negative side effects
that come with the shit you let
yourself get away with
oh your god
we’re building a wall between
the kids and the gasoline
of editorial and advertising
riches i heed not
nor man’s empty praise
means fuck the gatekeeper
cause i’m fine outside the gate
i wanna level with myself
i wanna level with my friends
i wanna level with my kin
and be at peace with them
i’m making a list of all
the negative side effects
that come with the shit i let
myself get away with
oh my god
i’m building a wall between
the kids and the gasoline
of editorial and advertising


Future Past

so you see right through me
and i can’t see through anything
to you a firm conclusion
to me a phone about to ring
you can’t be right about the future
when you’re wrong about the past
your legacy’s in jeopardy
and death is coming fast
you only trust the foxes
when they’re cooped up with the hens
you stick it to the black and blue around you
when you should be making friends
dig my new solution
for harnessing depravity
we’ll give everyone shotguns
and cloaks of anonymity



when i was young
i saw people helping people
all the time
because you were
in your prime
i thought people-loving-people
were the norm
because you were people
loving people
before the long dark storm
but now you’re selfish and mean
your eyes glued to a screen
and what titillates you
is depraved and obscene
and i know that it’s dangerous to judge
but man you’ve gotta find the truth
and when you find that truth don’t budge
until the truth you found begins to change
and it does i know i know
when you love the truth enough
you start to tell all the time
when it gets you into trouble
you discover you don’t mind
cause if good is finally gonna trump
than man you’ve gotta take stock
and you’ve gotta take your lumps
or else they trickle down
into someone else’s cup below
you know
i wanna know who are these people
blaming their sins on the fall
who are these people
if i’m honest with myself at all
these are my people
man what else can i say
you are my people
and we’re the same in so many ways
then your eyes turned green
and you broke the machine
that when handed to you
was still kind of functioning
and i know…..



virginia i had a dream that you invited us over
you still lived on the street where you laid down for good
we all sat on the floor as my kids swam around us
you smoked cigarettes like i knew you would
we were worried about your personal salvation
was it heaven or hell that you saw when your eyes closed
you smiled at us floating high above the question
like you knew something we didn’t know
virginia i had a dream we were closer than brothers
singing pictures of you crashing cars skipping school
we drove all over town as the days blurred around us
we wore out your cassettes we were nobody’s fool
they were worried about our high school graduation
they read us a poem oh the places you’ll go
you smiled it off floating high above the question
like you knew something they didn’t know


Eating Paper

by now you probably have noticed
and i’m so relieved
to see while you have been leaving me be
that my younger sisters and brothers
have all grown to be
stronger and smarter than you would believe
but like all good things it did not last
your appetite returns so fast
and just in time for supper
why would would you sweat my confession
what i claim to be
when you see the fruit as is hangs on the tree
while this may be the rare occasion
where high tide lifts all boats
i’m keeping my head down under the water
cause man i’ve gotta get there on my own
i’ve done all you have required
still you feel the need
to quiz me on books i did not claim to read
well alright
john henry dies in a tunnel
hammer in his hand
steam drill lives on to make fools of every man
when i lived alone i did as i please
eating paper i swung from the trees
but like all good things it did not last
your appetite returns so fast
and just in time for supper



you used to keep me a secret
that nobody else could know
made me feel so alone
but i’ll be damned if i let it show
but now it’s like you hardly know me
so i’ve been busy minding my own
but i’m finding your finger prints
in some places they don’t belong
be careful cause the lights come on
without a warning
people seem so confused
when they take home what they earn
he left a dark place behind him
and hell was just a bottle away
but heaven’s what he told himself
at the end of a long day
surprised him when she came home early
caught him with his hand in the jar
he tried to protest
but he was already done for
messes in the dark make headlines every morning
everyone makes mistakes
like it’s the only way we learn
be careful cause the lights come on
without a warning
people seem so confused
when they’re caught with some bullshit
messes in the dark make headlines every morning
everyone makes mistakes
like it’s the only way we learn


Don’t Change

he seems nice
you met him once or twice
but you wonder what he’s like
when he’s sober
then again
you hear he has no friends
just people that he spins
to do him favors
when he wakes up in the morning
he tells himself today i’ll make a change
but falling into his bed at night
he thinks man it was a beautiful day
to stay the same
i’m so deep
that only in my sleep
do the secrets that i keep
float to the surface
so i hold them down
til they don’t make a sound
like they accidentally drown
except on purpose
then when i wake up in the morning
i tell myself today i’ll make a change
but falling into my bed at night
i think man it was a beautiful day
to stay the same


Strange Negotiations

you blew all your inheritance
and now you’re trying to pin the blame on me
and i could write you off so easily
except a hundred million other people agree
you kick and scream to get your way again
but the writing is on the wall
any minute you’ll go on to your reward
and someone else is gonna make the call
in these strange negotiations
man they really are getting me down
strange negotiations
feel like a stranger in my home town
strange negotiations
you know i’m looking for a way around
all these strange negotiations
you cut your leg off to save a buck or two
because you never consider the cost
you find the lowest prices everyday
but would you look at everything that we’ve lost
yeah it’s true i learned it from watching you
but now it’s you who doesn’t know what a dollar is worth
you got the market it’s own bodygaurd
and all the people are getting hurt


Won’t Let Go

when you get this message
i’ll be high above the earth
thinking ’bout the promises that i keep
when i touch down in texas
land in dallas/fort worth
i will call you up
and wake you from your sleep
i will not let go of you
who or what controls
the fates of men i cannot say
but i keep arriving safely home to you
and i humbly acknowledge
that i won’t always get my way
but darling death
will have to pry my fingers loose
cause i will not let go of you


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